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  About us
We are introducing our selves as Farmwealth Bio-tech, one of the leading consultants in India having decade of experience in promotion & cultivation of Medicinal, Aromatic, jatropha, agriculture & horticulture plantations. Farmwealth Bio-tech, is a fully integrated Nursery, Growing ,farming, processing, manufacturing,exporting and marketing enterprise.

Vision : 
Indian medicinal plants has increased many folds in the national and international markets. Because of wide spread belief that herbal medicines are more safe than synthetic drugs, due to high demand of medicinal plants at national and international markets and limited cultivation of medicinal plants in India, more than 95 percent plants are being harvested from the wild. Consequently there is gap in demand and supply.

Farmwealth's expertise encompasses the fields of medicinal and aromatic plants, organic farming, multipurpose plantations, perfect consulting, agricultural biotechnology and nutraceuticals.Farmwealth Bio-tech extends comprehensive and cost efficient support to its clients for them to obtain optimal yield and returns on the cultivation of medicinal & aromatic plantations. The services areas of Farmwealth's consulting include property assessment and site selection; crop species and varieties; layout and establishment; water requirements and irrigation fertilizer programs and nutrition monitoring; pest & diseases control production economics and harvesting, handling and marketing.


Preliminary Stage : Site assessment, soil analysis, production & marketing Evolution.

Preparatory Stage : Soil amendment, land preparation, irrigation planning & schedule  procurement of plant & seed materials.

Cultivation Stage    : Sowing, Fertilization, Nutrition & irrigation Monitoring, pest disease control. Post Cultivation & Marketing Stage : Harvesting, Processing Packaging and Marketing.