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Evergreen agro farms supplies well germinated and healthy Malabar neem bio plants to the customers.Our plants are germinated in favorable conditions which makes sure that our bio plants will flourish into big trees within 5-6 yrs of time.Once the tree is felled, the stump throws many coppice shoots. These should be singled out to keep only one vigorous stem per stump, which will form the second crop.

History of Malabar neem
Malabar Neem originates from the Meliaceae family and is an indigenous species of tree to India, South East Asia and Australia, where it has been cultivated as a source of firewood. The tree can be cultivated in all types of soil and requiring a low supply of water . Malabar Neem has the unique feature of growing to 40 feet within 2 years from planting and can be mechanically pruned and harvested. As an energy crop.

Malabar neem is a specie belonging to the neem family. This tree is known for its fast growth. In recent times the farmers around Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh & Kerala have found the utility of this tree both as a low grade timber and also a very useful wood for ply wood industry. Under irrigated conditions this tree can be harvested at the end of 5th year for both timber and ply wood purpose.


The wood is used for packing cases, cigar boxes, ceiling planks, building purposes, agricultural implements, pencils, match box, making of boats, musical instruments, tea boxes and the most importantly in making plywood, as the wood is anti-termite by itself.




Land Preparation                                                                             Spacing  9 feet x 9 feet
One Deep Plough and Cultivator
Cost Rs. 600 + 400                                         =            Rs.1000/-
Pitting each Rs.3 x 500                                    =            Rs.1500/-
Labour for Planting – 10 Women & 5 Men
                                            10 x Rs. 150       =             Rs.1500/-
                                            05 x Rs. 200       =             Rs.1000/-
Drip per 1 acer                                               =             Rs. 24,000/- (aprox)

Cost of the Saplings                                        =             Rs.12,500/-
Rs.25 x 500                         
Total cost   1st year=Rs. 41,500


(Weed Management per year )              =         Rs.2800/-
7 x Rs.400/-
Menures& Fertilizers per year (aprox)
7 x Rs.5000/-                                      =         Rs. 35,000
Watch & Ward per year per acer
7 x2000/-                                        =             Rs.  14000/-

Total cost                                      =            Rs. 51,800/-

Total  costRs.  (41,500+51,800)
( peracer for 7 years)                                  =     Rs. 93,300/-

                Yield per acer after 7 years          =     500 tonnes
                500 x 1 tonne
                Present Market Price available      =      8000 per tonne                


Consultancy  fees per acerRs. 5000/-

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